20 octubre, 2021


The National Association of Taurine Clubs of America—NATC—is an umbrella organization that includes most of the American taurine clubs.

The National Association of Taurine Clubs of America—NATC—is an umbrella organization that includes most of the American taurine clubs. Since 1963, the NATC has held an annual congress in different cities of the United States, Mexico, France or Spain. The goals of the annual convention are to deal with business matters related to the organization; to offer members and guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in multiple taurine events; and to promote the connection and rapport among its members, as well as between them and the aficionados and taurinos from the place where the convention is taking place. It is customary that each year one club among the NATC member clubs takes the responsibility of organizing the congress… The NATC 2008 Congress was hosted by the New York City Club Taurino in Logroño, Spain, last September. There it was agreed that the same club would again host the NATC 2009 Congress in Malaga, Spain, during the taurine feria of that city in the month of August… Since then Lore Monnig, President of New York City Club Taurino, has been very busy organizing the program for the congress. From the information sent to MMDT by Lore Monnig we highlight the most important features of the program for the congress… New York City Club Taurino has chosen the typical Andalusian city of Malaga as the site for NATC Convention, not only because of its traditional taurine feria, but also because the many amenities and tourist attractions that this historical Mediterranean city has to offer the visitors… The convention will start on Sunday, August 16, 2009 and ends on Saturday, August 22, and it will be taking place at the same time that the traditional feria of that city is being held. The highlights of the feria program are the corridas de toros that, with star billings, are held daily during more than half of the month… The price for attending the Convention is $2,009 per person (the price is calculated at the euro exchange rate of 1.50 dollars per euro) and includes a stay seven nights at the luxurious Malaga Palacio, tickets for seven corridas, daily buffet breakfasts, a visit to the town of Ronda, an opening drink, and a closing Gala Awards Dinner, a tour of Malaga, lunch at the Parador overlooking Malaga, and some other taurine, social, and tourist activities. The price does not include the round trip fare to Malaga… Anyone who has attended any of the conventions of the National Association of Taurine Clubs of America can testify that these well organized congresses offer American aficionados a unique occasion to immerse themselves in multiple taurine events, which usually are not within the reach of regular aficionados traveling independently. The 2009 NATC Congress at Malaga will not be an exception, since it promises to be another great convention that will leave a lasting memory in the minds of the participants… If you are interested in attending the convention, to obtain the details of the above general information, contact Lore Monnig, at NYCCTUSA@aol.com

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