18 septiembre, 2021


Before another nice crowd, the city of Tijuana celebrated its 120th anniversary with the fourth “corrida” of the 2009 season on Sunday July 19th.

Before another nice crowd, the city of Tijuana celebrated its 120th anniversary with the fourth “corrida” of the 2009 season on Sunday July 19th. Five bulls from “La Estancia” and one from “Marrón” in substitution of the sixth bull that broke a horn, fought. First and fifth, both from “La Estancia” where especially good. José Luis Angelino applause on his two bulls, José Rodríguez “Pepehillo” applause and two ears, José Mauricio applause and silence. Michelito Lagravere, the eleven year old “becerrista” killed a couple of two year “erales” from “Campo Real”… “Pepehillo” either must have read my “crónica” in www.noticierotaurino.com or someone told him to fight more relaxed and less “electric”. With the second bull from is lot, “Teniente Guerrero” was his name, José shinned with the cape especially when he did the “quite” by “Faroles Invertidos”; then in “banderillas” he again made the “aficionados” leap from there seats with short “pares al violin”. The bull’s best quality was its attention to the “muleta” and how he tried again and again to gore it. The only down side was it did all this with not a lot a class. Even then maybe “Pepehillo” was below the bulls qualities but he understood that he had to get him to see the “muleta” the more in front, the better. When the kill came, “Pepehillo” left a full sword in perfect position. Two ears was his prize and “vuelta al ruedo” for “Teniente Guerrero”. In his first bull little could be done do to the weakness in the animals front legs… José Luis Angelino faced a very brave and mobile first opponent. This type of bull can spell trouble very quickly even to the most experienced and powerful bullfighter. Angelino did the best he could but that was a little short of what could be done with the beautiful named “120”. The second bull from is lot, after a very good second “tercio” with Angelino doing the honors with the “banderillas”, the bull changed his conditions suddenly, and stopped a lot of his buoyancy and mobility… José Mauricio is definitely one of the best up and coming Matadors that México has. But bad fortune seemed to accompany him that day. No luck in the blind draw of his bulls that Sunday. Maybe the best was the sixth that fractured his horn. I say this because when he was sent back to be substituted by one from “Marrón”, he took off from the center of the ring to the door that was opened for his return with grate force. But with all the elements against him, he still showed signs of what he can do in any given moment… I say this again. Michelito is great! He’s great for old and the making of new “aficionados”. He’s a great draw and great for the “Fiesta” in general. And more then anything else, he fights with great knowledge for someone so young. He had trouble with the kill in is lot but he knows how to use the sword. The problem appeared to be is small stature and short arms plus a very small killing sword not getting high enough to reach its destination. But wow! This kid can fight a bull! This said, I must insist that he be weary of knowing his place for now in the ranks of the professional Matadors who risk there life with 500 kilo bulls. But if these same professionals don’t respect them selves enough to make there seniority worth something, then little can be done. I say this because they let Michelito fight in first and last place. The first slot is for the senior matador of the three and the last for the youngest. The key word here is Matador, not “becerrista”. He really should have killed his “erales” after the killing of the sixth bull. But it’s not the young boys fault. That lies elsewhere.

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